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Jefferson County is the ideal location for new business and industry to start up, relocate, or expand.  With a quality workforce, developed infrastructure, and transportion system, Jefferson County provides the best opportunities to start and grow your buisness.  We also offer easy access to business assistance programs and work with you hand in hand, each step of the way!

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    • Jefferson County’s ability to access a skilled workforce and our resources to train workers to suite your needs


Ranking 42nd in Pennsylvania based on employment, Jefferson County has a lot of room to grow!  Health care related service is the largest sector of employment within Jefferson County with over 200 employer units. Running a close second to the Health Care sector, is Transportation and Warehousing with over 160 employer units and Manufacturing is the third largest sector with over 110 employer units.  With an annual payroll of over $144.2 million dollars, these firms employ approximately 7,150 people. To get a complete listing of Jefferson County’s employment profile please click on the following link.

Jefferson County Profile

  • Jefferson County continues to be a leading producer of fabricated metal parts, with over 25 firms employing approximately 1,200 people.


  • The finest veneer quality hardwoods in the world are located in or near Jefferson County.  Currently more than 19 firms utilize state-of-the art technology to process these trees for commercial and residential use.


  • Glass container manufacturing continues to be the largest employer within Jefferson County and generations of residents have been making world-class products since 1907.


  • Jefferson County is located in the heart of the powdered metal industry and it boasts numerous parts manufacturers and secondary processing facilities.


  • Jefferson County is located on top of the Marcellus Shale gas play.  With the extensive transportation infrastructure located within Jefferson County we are set to be a prime player in the rapidly expanding energy and energy service industry with in our state.

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The Jefferson County Development Council (JCDC) Revolving Loan Program:

The Jefferson County Economic Development Revolving Loan Program has been created in response to address the need for a supplemental source of financing in support of industrial investment in Jefferson County.

Traditional sources of public financing, such as PIDA, IDP, PCLF, and PEDFA collectively offer a fundamental level of support for projects throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The competitive nature of these programs, taken together with complex eligibility requirements, can sometimes impose unrealistic demands on prospective investors. The need exists in Jefferson County for a funding program that is unique to the County, relatively free of rules and regulations, that can be applied selectively to projects of special merit and also leverage existing state and federal funding resources.

To lean more about the requirements for participation in the Jefferson County Development Council Loan Programs, please feel free to review the information provided under loans in the links below.


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