The Jefferson County Development Council (JCDC) Revolving Loan Program:

The Jefferson County Economic Development Revolving Loan Program has been created in response to address the need for a supplemental source of financing in support of industrial investment in Jefferson County. Traditional sources of public financing, such as PIDA, IDP, PCLF, and PEDFA collectively offer a fundamental level of support for projects throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The competitive nature of these programs, taken together with complex eligibility requirements, can sometimes impose unrealistic demands on prospective investors. The need exists in Jefferson County for a funding program that is unique to the County, relatively free of rules and regulations, that can be applied selectively to projects of special merit and also leverage existing state and federal funding resources.

To lean more about the requirements for participation in the Jefferson County Development Council Loan Programs, please feel free to review the information provided under loans in the links below.
Revolving Loan Guidelines
Revolving Loan Application